[Speex-dev] AMR vs Speex on wireless networks.

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Rethinking to BER in UMTS, it seems acceptable to use speex on it
do you agree?

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The UMTS/HSDPA services already provides an
excellent turbo code correction.
For what i know i can tell you more about corrupted packets.
The BER ranges from 10^-5 to 10^-2 for CSD/HSCDS
in transparent mode, and from 10^-9 to 10^-6 for
It depends on signal quality and if you're
walking/standing or if you're in real mobility
(for example talking while driving a car), etc...
So it depends. For example, if it is raining, the water
causes lots of refletions and rises the BER.
Rural environments has less BER than urban ones.
In order to undestand your 4 points i suppose i need 
to study CELP becouse i'm not understanding right now.
Have you
 other suggestions given these informations?


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