[Speex-dev] AMR vs Speex on wireless networks.

marzullo maio marzullo63 at yahoo.it
Fri May 4 22:31:01 PDT 2007

In order to develop a Voip application, today i should make it
robust to bit-errors over wireless networks. This is an actually
lack of Speex, infact what i've understood is that if a packet
arrives corrupted, i must pass NULL to the decoder in order
to let it know.
My target is to use UDP (with checksum field disabled) and exploit
also corrupted packets giving them to the AMR codec.
Otherwise i could use a turbo code for error correction before giving
the packet to Speex. If after error correction the packet CRC is
still wrong then i pass NULL to the decoder, otherwise i pass
the corrected packet. This becouse Speex doesn't have error
correction inside, then i would provide a custom turbo code
My target wireless networks are 802.11, UMTS/HSDPA and
I would like to know which in my case would be the correct codec
choice for the various networks, AMR or Speex?
I'll use a custom jitter or the speex one if it fits good to my purposes.
I need a fixed point implementation for it, AMR has it too.



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