[Speex-dev] M-earn makes your pockets jingle

nallaravi at gmail.com nallaravi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 23:08:07 PDT 2007

From: nallaravi at gmail.com


I hope you are doing well. I have just tried this new service called m-earn and found it to be amazing. How do you like the idea of getting paid to read an SMS on your mobile phones ?  m-earn promises you just that !!

All you need to do is register and start receiving advertizements to get paid for each of them. And guess what ?

	* You only get Ads and discount coupons that are relavant to you.
	* You get to specify the number of messages that you would like to receive in a day
	* You receive the messages in the times specified by you

Further you can multiply your earnings by inviting your friends. You then get a share of their earnings as well !!

In case you are wondering how much your mobile phone is capable of earning, register at http://m-earn.com/Beta/index.jsp?inviteID=144070  and ya don’t forget to invite all your friends to maximize your earnings !

 Cheers !!

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