[Speex-dev] 21bytes vs 38 bytes

Yusuf Bey yusuf.ihsanoglu at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 13:07:55 PDT 2007

Hi, I am developing a voip phone that uses speex v1.2b1 narrowband mode.
Libspeex decodes the 21-byte packets I recieve into 160 bytes and I can play
them fine, but when I encode, the result is 38-bytes long.

I have read that 38 bytes means that it is encoding at 15KHz, but I have set
it to nb-mode and when stepping through the libspeex encoding sourcecode, I
see that st->sampling_rate is 8000.

Any idea why I speex-compress 160 bytes to 38 and not 21? Thanks in advance.

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