[Speex-dev] Moving to Git

Tom Harper tharper at sightspeed.com
Sat Jun 9 09:35:58 PDT 2007

There is a port to mingw, which is what many folks use now:

I haven't had a chance to fiddle with it yet so ymmv.


At 06:00 AM 6/9/2007, Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I'm currently attempting to move Speex development over to Git. Because
>Git is distributed, I means that anyone would be able to do development
>and commits without having to get write access (and I can just pull from
>them). There are of course other advantages, like sane handling of
>branches and tags, local history, ...
>Now, one of the disadvantages is that Git currently requires a POSIX
>setup and thus needs Cygwin to run on Windows. For that reason, I'll
>keep updating the current svn -- at least until I find something
>satisfactory for Windows users (suggestions are welcome). For those
>would would like to try it, just download and install git 1.5 (git 1.4
>isn't recommended) and do:
>% git clone http://mf-iii.xiph.org/~jm/speex.git speex
>Note that the above repository is only a temporary location and it will
>move in the future.
>Any comments?
>         Jean-Marc
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