[Speex-dev] Decoder and discarded frames..., system hangs

marzullo maio marzullo63 at yahoo.it
Sat Jun 2 16:13:28 PDT 2007

I finally solved the problem, after some debug.
You were right, it wasn't the decoder. It was the soundcard underrun.
If i discard too many packets, wheter they're silenced or not, the driver returns some errors and my application crashes. I need always to feed something (i.e. a silence or whatever) sometimes or the driver will complain.
That's it.

Jean-Marc Valin <jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca> ha scritto: You need to let the know packets are missing so it can generate
something meaningful instead. Otherwise, you'll also have less packets
to play, which means "something" has to be inserted (zeros, clicks, the
content of the kernel memory, ...) instead.

As for crashing, it shouldn't happen and I wouldn't be surprised if it
had more to do with a soundcard underrun occuring from the fact you're
not replacing the packets by anything.


marzullo maio a écrit :
> Do i always need to tell the decoder that some packets has been lost?
> I noticed that if i discard packets without passing NULL and advising the decoder, sometimes my system hangs and i need to reset my PDA.
> Since the decoder is mantaining a state, i suppose i always need to tell it a packet has been discarded through a sequence number check. Or can i just pass to speex_decode_int whatever i receive without worrying about lost frames?
> Thanks.
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