[Speex-dev] How Can I Get involved in Speex Fixed-Point Development?

Quirion, Jean jquirion at orion.ns.ca
Thu Jul 19 05:04:07 PDT 2007


My name is Jean Quirion and I am a DSP engineer. Currently I am
working on a project where it is desired to implement a VoIP solution
over a GSM GPRS link. I would like to use Speex as the vocoder for
this application. This application would require the Speex
encoder/decoder and possibly the pre-processor to run on a low power
fixed-point DSP such as a TI C55x.

Thus, I am interested in getting involved in the fixed-point
implementation of Speex. I feel I can contribute significantly to the
Speex project while effectively developing a vocoder solution for my

Can you tell me how I can get started? I looked at the list of tasks
on the Seepx wiki and I find that the following would be best suited
for my interests:

Complete fixed-point (DSP development)
*       Rest of the narrowband modes
*       Preprocessor (noise suppression, AGC)
*       Jitter buffer

Please let me know how to move forward. Where does the Speex vocoder
fixed-point implementation stands? Has if been successfully ported and
tested onto a TI DSP evaluation board (i.e. an EVM)? If not, and if it
can be helpful, I would be interested in tackling that task...


Jean Quirion
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