[Speex-dev] An Open source phone based on Speex

Aymeric Moizard jack at atosc.org
Tue Feb 27 07:24:08 PST 2007

On Tue, 27 Feb 2007, farhan at phonestack.com wrote:

> ivo and others,
> i am having a very interesting exchange about the LTP with diana. I took it 
> offline from speex-dev as it would not interest everyone here. I will reply 
> to ivo separately. I have also setup a mailing list on 
> http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ltpdiscuss/ if anybody is interested.

Just a few info on SIP:

> but the key issues that the solves is that:
> 1. support p2p community based telephony that can punch UDP holes.

  -> ICE specification is exactly UDP hole punching.

> 2. integrates presence, chat into the same protocol.

  -> SIP is much more that only audio, video, chat or presence: it's
     independant from media.

> 3. it is extremely light on the server resources.

  -> With SIP, server should only be slaves from clients: this is
     the whole new theory about it. In the specification, server has
     only one role: routing/finding users.

> I am also working on a way 
> to eliminate servers entirely (kademlai, chord topologies).

  -> "p2p-sip" working group has just been created 2 weeks ago.

Hope you'll find it usefull!

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