[Speex-dev] [PATCH] Tweak a bit in speex.pc.in for backward compatibility.

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at cox.net
Sun Feb 25 14:09:21 PST 2007

Hello folks,

I had to make a bit change in speex.pc in FreeBSD ports to make it more  
backward compatibility with the other ports (applications).

# pkg-config --cflags speex

# pkg-config --cflags speex
-I/usr/local/include -I/usr/local/include/speex

I am keeping the '-I/usr/local/include' since I don't know if anyone add  
#include <speex/speex*.h> in their source and the second one is for some  
applications that hasn't catch up with unstable version.

Patch: http://people.freebsd.org/~mezz/diff/patch-speex.pc.in


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