[Speex-dev] svn AGC

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Tue Feb 6 14:20:23 PST 2007

> I found that the AGC API and algorithm has changed in svn head trunk.
> Is it safe to use it? Or is it for testing purpose only?

I think the new AGC code is much better than the previous one, but
because I changed it a lot, I recommend doing some testing before doing
anything serious with it.

> You also said that VAD in svn is broken in a previous post, is it
> related to the AGC change?
> or can we mix the old VAD algorithm with the new AGC safely?

The old (preprocessor) VAD has always been a combination of kludges,
which I had to remove when improving the noise suppression recently. I
still haven't figured out a good algorithm to re-write it. I'm open to
suggestions on how to write a good VAD that can make decisions without
having any more lookahead than the current frame.


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