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Hello Ivo:

One more from me and I suppose a retort by you 
and that's it ... no flame war please. Let's see 
if we can keep this discussion objective.

I've had enough life experience to have seen and 
heard the mistakes you've made many times. Point by point:
    * This is a tech list that I joined a number 
of years ago because of a serious intent to use 
the Speex product in my business (not TSC). I 
didn't join it simply and nihilistically to bash the author.
    * You and I have always had the right to 
speak freely ... and there are always 
consequences to what we say. Jean made an error 
in injecting political rhetoric into his answer 
to Thomas Leigh. And, yes, that's Business 101. I 
now choose to probably not use the product 
because I choose not to support anti free market thinking.
    * Free Market is not an American Capitalist 
"buzz word" as you pejoratively and dismissively 
put it. It is, in fact, the essential 
characteristic of a very good system called Capitalism.
    * You note that Xiph.Org Foundation is a 
non-profit organization presumably to elevate its 
agenda to some worldly wonderful purpose ... as 
if to say "our work is so profoundly important to 
humanity, that we forego profit". Non-profit is a 
tax term meant to gain subsidy from governments 
in the form of tax exemption. And we taxpayers 
pay for that subsidy. No, Speex is not a 
Communist "plot", as you sardonically put it. It 
is simply socialistically funded. An organization 
declares that it has no profits by completely 
distributing any revenues to its members and 
paying for services to its suppliers. Now I don't 
claim to know anything about Xiph's accounting, 
but we do know that it has expenses that must be covered.
    * Now let's deal with who pays for Open 
Source because it is certainly not free. I 
believe Jean (and you) do eat everyday and you 
and he pay for living quarters. In fact, you do 
get paid for your work as does he. You either are 
recipients of grants or welfare (same thing), or 
you do your work on "company time" while the boss 
is not watching, or the boss knowingly pays for 
your work and passes that expense onto his 
customers (after all, he must make profit to pay his living expenses).
    * And finally ... how and why did Open Source 
come to be? I'm sure you must lament everyday the 
notion that Microsoft is the epitome of 
Capitalist success. Concomitantly, it must 
therefore be destroyed! Right? Open Source is an 
anti Microsoft religion practiced by people who 
hold these views and their "profit" beyond money 
income is knowing that they are soldiers in this 
profoundly important movement (sorry, couldn't 
resist sarcastically poking a bit of fun).
Enjoy. Have a nice life.

At 10:55 PM 8/31/2007 +0100, Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves wrote:
>Hello Mr Loebel, > that's business 101 Speex is 
>a not business, nor is Jean-Marc selling a 
>product.  The Xiph.Org Foundation, of which 
>Jean-Marc is a member with his Speex project, is 
>a non-profit organization. > Speex may be a very 
>good product, but we will never use it because 
>of > the politics that you espouse If you would 
>like to pay for a special US$1000 Speex license, 
>I'm sure Jean-Marc will be glad to provide you 
>with one. > some of us out here believe strongly 
>in the free market. I believe "Free Market" is 
>an American capitalist buzz word. Jean-Marc is 
>Canadian. Regardless, I'm sure he strongly 
>believes in free speech, which means he may 
>humoristically dismiss Microsoft's product and 
>make fun of it publicly. It's not going to 
>affect Microsoft's sells, positively or 
>negatively. There will always be those who will 
>look with suspicion towards a free gift.  And 
>there are those who understood that Speex is a 
>better format and will not join a technical 
>mailing list to bash the project's author for no 
>reason other than bashing the project's 
>author. > the rantings of left wing academics 
>who typically have no > real world business 
>experience! You confuse me, Mr Loebel.  It 
>appears you believe Speex is some sort of 
>communist plot, or did I understand you wrong? > 
>The Tech Startup Connection > (formerly The 
>PARALLEL Processing Connection) I wish the best 
>of luck towards your company, which means 
>serious business.  I'm sure it will be greatly 
>relevant in the free market you speak of, 
>because its Executive Director, who writes 
>e-mail messages like a 16 year old, knows all 
>there is about marketing and establishing a 
>company's reputation. My best regards, Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves

B. Mitchell Loebel, Executive 
Director                              408 425-9920

The Tech Startup Connection
(formerly The PARALLEL Processing Connection) 
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