[Speex-dev] Microsoft RTAudio

Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves justivo at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 14:55:09 PDT 2007

Hello Mr Loebel,

> that's business 101

Speex is a not business, nor is Jean-Marc selling a product.  The
Xiph.Org Foundation, of which Jean-Marc is a member with his Speex
project, is a non-profit organization.

> Speex may be a very good product, but we will never use it because of
> the politics that you espouse

If you would like to pay for a special US$1000 Speex license, I'm sure
Jean-Marc will be glad to provide you with one.

> some of us out here believe strongly in the free market.

I believe "Free Market" is an American capitalist buzz word.
Jean-Marc is Canadian.

Regardless, I'm sure he strongly believes in free speech, which means
he may humoristically dismiss Microsoft's product and make fun of it

It's not going to affect Microsoft's sells, positively or negatively.
There will always be those who will look with suspicion towards a free
gift.  And there are those who understood that Speex is a better
format and will not join a technical mailing list to bash the
project's author for no reason other than bashing the project's

> the rantings of left wing academics who typically have no
> real world business experience!

You confuse me, Mr Loebel.  It appears you believe Speex is some sort
of communist plot, or did I understand you wrong?

> The Tech Startup Connection
> (formerly The PARALLEL Processing Connection)

I wish the best of luck towards your company, which means serious
business.  I'm sure it will be greatly relevant in the free market you
speak of, because its Executive Director, who writes e-mail messages
like a 16 year old, knows all there is about marketing and
establishing a company's reputation.

My best regards,
Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves

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