[Speex-dev] libspeex stopped to work

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Mon Aug 20 06:41:11 PDT 2007

> Thank you, problem is gone now!


> PS. I just finished math_approx.asm (speed optimized version for ARM).
> The code can be compiled using armasm utility that comes with VS2005.
> Math functions work up to 2...2.5 times faster now. Are you interested
> in adding it to the project?

Yes, I'd be interested.

> Also, have you made some profiling on the project? I mean do you know
> any bottle necks that can be speed-optimized a bit (both encoder and
> decoder)

I haven't profiled on ARM specifically recently, but it tends to always
be the usual suspects: filter_mem16(), pitch_xcorr(), iir_mem16(), and a
few others. If you ever want to optimise filter_mem16() or iir_mem16(),
let me know because the best way to start may not be the C function.


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