[Speex-dev] Jitter buffer latency

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Fri Aug 10 16:28:22 PDT 2007

> I'm trying to use the jitter buffer feature that comes with Speex but
> I'm getting unexpected latency.  I wrote a client application that
> does VOIP-like functions and without using jitter buffer, the
> end-to-end latency is around 250 ms (I'm using lowband 5.97 kpbs).
> However, when I tried to incorporate the jitter buffer feature, the
> latency would grow as time elapsed (up to a few seconds).  I tried
> hacking the code by changing the SPEEX_JITTER_MAX_BUFFER_SIZE
> constant in jitter.c from 200 to 20 and the latency went down to
> around 300ms.  Am I doing something wrong in my application code?
> Please advise.

Most likely you're doing something wrong. Have a look at speexclient (in
svn) for an example of how to use it.


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