[Speex-dev] Data space crunching-how small can I get?

Michael Jacobson Michael.Jacobson at ultratec.com
Mon Aug 6 12:35:25 PDT 2007

I am using speex 1.2beta2 on a C5416, 16 bit, narrowband.
The project I am implementing speex into is very limited in Data space.
 In the speex decode_init and encode_init there are allocs that,
combined, take up 0x0F94 of data memory.  I do not know why the various
allocs are sized the way they are but that number is too big to fit into
our project.  I was wondering if those numbers (for the allocs) are at
all flexible and if they are what is their minimum size? how low can I
Also, is there a way to use the inits using static variables and not
having to use a heap at all or is the dynamic allocation required for
speex to work?
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