[Speex-dev] setting SSE at runtime (speex_set_asm)

Tom Harper tharper at sightspeed.com
Thu Sep 7 10:11:59 PDT 2006


So the patch went by the wayside because it was too large a change.
I haven't updated yet to the new code base but when I do I can re-post
the patch- probably in the next couple of weeks.


At 05:54 AM 9/7/2006, Kleijn, J.S. de wrote:
>In the past somebody posted a patch on the list to choose the SSE at 
>runtime using a function called speex_set_asm. I have been searching 
>the archives, but I could not found that specific post.
>I noticed the new 1.2beta1 does not include this patch, so I was 
>curious if the person who originally made this patch has made the 
>same modifications to the new 1.2beta1.

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