[Speex-dev] fixed point AEC

Deepa Bhatt deepabhatt at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 24 16:58:47 PDT 2006

Thanks Jean, I missed that detail. 
  I have a few more compile errors if you could help me with it =>
  In function speex_echo_state_init in mdf.c I am getting error: "undefined reference to exp". I don't see a fixed point implementation of "exp". Can you point me to the correct files.
  I am using the following files from speex 1.2 beta1 =>
  mdf.c, math_approx.c, misc.c, fft_wrap.c, kiss_fft.c, config.h, speex_types.h, speex_echo.h, arch.h  . 
  -Marc Valin <jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca> wrote:
  Deepa Bhatt a écrit :
> Analog Devices sponsored a fixed point version for AEC which was
> posted early this year, but it seems from the source code that the
> fft routines are still in floating point. Is the port still not
> complete or am I missing something? Has anyone out there ported speex
> AEC on RISC architecture? Please let me know.

There are two FFTs in Speex, one of which (kissfft) works in fixed-point
(and is enabled by default). The AEC works fine at least on Blackfin.


> Thanks in advance,
> -Deepa
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