[Speex-dev] To symbian and speex developers! Building instructions

Ashhar Farhan farhan at phonestack.com
Fri Oct 20 09:40:54 PDT 2006

I think this mail was intended for the group.

jean, please change that one line in filters.c (I too confirm this change 
in my symbian build). the mmp file should also be updated by including the 

I also recommend taking out mfd.c from the mmp file as the ARM cpu is too 
slow to support echo cancellation and preprocessing that require floats.

thanks payu, for the input. i remeber fixing this but i promptly forgot 
which filter was not const.

- farhan

On Tue, 17 Oct 2006, [koi8-r] ?????? ??? wrote:

> Hello to everyone!
> During building speex library for Symbian OS I encountered some problems. All thess problems can be solved by modifying the speex sources. I don't have access to SVN repository of speex, so I will just describe the changes to be done:
> 1) mmp file in symbian derictory misses windows.c sources. You need to add this string into speex.mmp:
> SOURCES windows.c
> 2) Symbian OS doesn't support static writable data, so you have to modify filters.c sources file. You need to make all global definitions of shift_filt constant. Like this:
> const spx_word16_t shift_filt[3][7] = ... (just add 'const')
> Also it will be excellent if somebody can make symbian readme more informative. I think readme file should remind to symbian developer to include speex.lib as STATICLIBRARY reference. Otherwise symbian developer will waste a lot of time trying to find the reasons for linking problems,
> Thanks,
> Payu Sergey
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