[Speex-dev] To symbian and speex developers! Building instructions

Сергей Паю payu_mailist at mail.ru
Tue Oct 17 07:36:43 PDT 2006

Hello to everyone!

During building speex library for Symbian OS I encountered some problems. All thess problems can be solved by modifying the speex sources. I don't have access to SVN repository of speex, so I will just describe the changes to be done:

1) mmp file in symbian derictory misses windows.c sources. You need to add this string into speex.mmp:

SOURCES windows.c

2) Symbian OS doesn't support static writable data, so you have to modify filters.c sources file. You need to make all global definitions of shift_filt constant. Like this:

const spx_word16_t shift_filt[3][7] = ... (just add 'const')

Also it will be excellent if somebody can make symbian readme more informative. I think readme file should remind to symbian developer to include speex.lib as STATICLIBRARY reference. Otherwise symbian developer will waste a lot of time trying to find the reasons for linking problems,

Payu Sergey

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