[Speex-dev] Crash in cb_search.c, line 414

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Wed Oct 4 17:26:45 PDT 2006

> mingw (native gcc for win32) doesn't officially support using gcc 4.0
> and 4.1 yet (apparantly there have been some issues), so there are no
> binary packages. But if you think it helps, I can compile gcc 4.1 and
> give it a shot.

Please try that just in case...

> A while back you asked for testers of this and I volunteered :) So far,
> my testers seem positive, but I have no idea if that is because I told
> them to expect better quality or if the quality actually is better. But
> if you think it's related, I can disable it again.

I don't think it's related (though it could be). Overall, VORBIS_PSYCHO
isn't tested much, so it's still a bit risky (and improvement has yet to
be properly measured).

> 16khz (wideband) VBR (VAD and DTX off), passed through preprocessor
> (VAD, DENOISE, AGC and DEREVERB. AGC level set to 20000).
> VBR_QUALITY and COMPLEXITY are userconfigurable, I'll ask and see what
> he's set them to.

Can you try with quality 8 and no VBR?

> I must admit I'm a bit stumped as to why it's just this one user that
> has this problem :( I've been completely unable to replicate the problem
> here. I've added stackframe output on crashes to the latest testbuild,
> I'll have the user use that. At least then I can say what j and
> best_ntarget[j] is.

This looks a bit like something I've seen before. Is that an x86-64
system? I remember someone trying to pinpoint a crash at that place, but
I lost the IRC logs. One other question: how often does the crash occur?


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