[Speex-dev] Speex AEC AND preprocessor

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Wed Nov 15 04:36:14 PST 2006

Most likely the difference between those setups is not Speex, but the
soundcard and associated code. The only way to debut that would be for
you to record the streams, so that the problem can be reproduced with
testecho.c. Once you can show me the problem with testecho.c, then it
shouldn't be too hard to diagnose (and hopefully fix) the problem.


Aymeric Moizard a écrit :
> Goal: cancel the echo on my WM5 device.
> I have switched back to do more testing on other platform:
> -> echo cancellation perfect with macosx
> -> echo cancellation known to work on linux/alsa (not tested by me)
> -> echo cancellation broken on my PC.
> I have finally end up with a result on PC:
>   -> Every X seconds, I call "speex_echo_state_reset()"
>> From this test, I notice that the echo canceller if used with the
> preprocessor with "noise" argument USED,  IS working for a very
> limited period: not more than 3 seconds I would say.
> The only trouble then is that every time the reset is called, my
> own voice is modified so that its level is changing each 3 seconds
> which is not of course acceptable...
> Any idea why it only works 3sec?
> It seems to me that using the "noise" argument with the echo canceller
> remove MORE echo than using the echo canceller only? Why?
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