[Speex-dev] Operation with continuous tone

Jim Crichton jim.crichton at comcast.net
Wed Nov 8 19:45:46 PST 2006

During hardware and network impairment testing, I sometimes just hold down a DTMF key to keep the audio busy.  I have found that if I restart the receiver while the transmitter is still encoding DTMF, the receiver plays out a different tone, until the DTMF key goes off an on again.

Also, today I captured some Speex frames during a tone (but not including the start of the tone).  When I later fed these into the decoder, I got mostly silence with some noise.

Is this behavior expected?  I suspect it is, and I understand that this is not a real-world situation.

This testing was done with 1.2beta1, 8KHz, 8kbps, TI C55 DSP, no preprocessor or echo canceler.


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