[Speex-dev] A few Speex AEC+preprocessor examples

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Thu Nov 9 22:21:39 PST 2006

> No, the 1.2beta1 preprocessor works rather well.

I have a different opinion, but glad you like it anyway :-)

> In fact, I very much welcomed the change that the preprocessor in
> 1.2beta1 now starts out with the assumption of there being no speech,
> and only activating and adapting AGC when where there is new activity
> detected above that. As a result, with 1.2beta1, there is no need to
> give time for the denoiser to adapt to and eat away noise - the call is
> clear from the very first moment (even with severe background noise
> present).

You mean 1.2beta1 worked better than the previous versions? I don't
remember making any special changes to that prior to 1.2beta1...

> (Yes, obviously, SVN is a melting pot. I'm just trying to invest some
> time and effort here in the form of testing and feedback in an effort to
> help Speex get further faster. In no way should my observations be
> construed as complaints.)

Sure. I very much appreciate testing of the svn version (was only
pointing out the dangers of that!). Please report any bugs you find in
there so I can fix it before the next release. I'll remember to un-break
the AGC before beta2!.


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