[Speex-dev] A few Speex AEC+preprocessor examples

Andras Kadinger bandit at surfnonstop.com
Thu Nov 9 21:50:38 PST 2006

Jean-Marc Valin írta:
> Andras Kadinger wrote:
>> I have now found a testcase where SVN AGC starts out good, but then it
>> keeps increasing the gain but never decreasing it, and eventually goes
>> out through the roof, during the same single recording.
> I've been doing massive changes in the svn preprocessor, so I'm not too
> surprised I broke the AGC, because I haven't updated it. Did it also do
> that in 1.2-beta1?
> 	Jean-Marc

No, the 1.2beta1 preprocessor works rather well.

In fact, I very much welcomed the change that the preprocessor in 
1.2beta1 now starts out with the assumption of there being no speech, 
and only activating and adapting AGC when where there is new activity 
detected above that. As a result, with 1.2beta1, there is no need to 
give time for the denoiser to adapt to and eat away noise - the call is 
clear from the very first moment (even with severe background noise 

(Yes, obviously, SVN is a melting pot. I'm just trying to invest some 
time and effort here in the form of testing and feedback in an effort to 
help Speex get further faster. In no way should my observations be 
construed as complaints.)


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