[Speex-dev] Who is using the jitter buffer?

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>> how about tcp?
>> in tcp you write a packet that got a possible length.
>> you send one packet after another, whitch stamp is incrementet by one
>> and if your incoming packet is gone in other steps than 1, the client has
>> to resend it.
>> Let me think some days about it and i will get another system.
>> Time is relative.
>> Hm, you send a packet that needs to be in a possible chain of n.
>> Your jitterbuffer needs to be as long as you need to make your
>> transmition, and you would to send only one packet that contains
>> all lost packets... ?!? whats the matter ?!?
> The matter is latency. If you want to have a conversation, you don't
> want seconds of delay (every millisecond counts). TCP is out of the
> question and so are retransmits. If the packet isn't in time, tough
> luck.
> Jean-Marc
but you ever, and it would never get anotherway have to send the things you 
understand back. 

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