[speex-dev] frame size

Lokesh Mogra lokesh.mogra at impetus.co.in
Thu Jun 29 01:20:29 PDT 2006

I hv a query.
while decoding a voice session, i saw that one side of voice was using
speex/16K with vbr=off and other with speex/16K with vbr=on.
Packet Size in first case is 70 Bytes
Packet Size in second case is 104/106/118 Bytes etc.
when i send these packets for decoding the decoded ouput is 640 bytes in all
the case.
Now speex with vbr=off, is decoding well, but the other side is very noicy.
By looking at their RTP Timestamps, i saw that in first case, difference
between two RTP Packets is 320 ms.
while in second case with vbr=on, difference between two RTP Packets is 640

do we have to do anything special while decoding speex, in case of vbr=on.

Thanx in advance,

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