[Speex-dev] Echo canceller problem

A ap at fom.pl
Wed Jun 7 14:12:08 PDT 2006

Welcome everybody.
I am new here on the list. Thank you very much for speex encoder and decoder. 
They are working great. I compile speex coded for str911 Arm processor. 
But I have a big problem with echo canceller from 1.1.12 speex package.

I create echo canceler state:
    SpeexEchoState * echo_state = speex_echo_state_init(FRAME_SIZE,

FRAME_SIZE is in my project 160 samples. I have 8000ksaples/s, so I must
call echo canceler every 20ms.

and later in the loop I call it:
    speex_echo_cancel(echo_state, (short *)Samples, (short
*)SamplesSpeaker, (short *)SamplesOut, NULL);

I give as the parameters to the function the data from tables now.

The problem is when I call speex_echo_cancel it does not return. It goes
into infinite loop somewhere.
I test now on the simulator.

What can cause the infinite looping ?

Please help.

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