[Speex-dev] Fix for lsp.c for 16-bit platforms (TI C55x DSP)

Jim Crichton jim.crichton at comcast.net
Mon Jul 24 10:03:20 PDT 2006


Last week I tried the SVN code (build 11700) on the TI C55x DSP, and found that operation was broken again.  I traced this to build 11522, committed on 5 June.  The problem is in lsp.c, function lsp_to_lpc().  The line (lsp.c line 461 in build 11700):

    xin = 1<<(QIMP-1); /* 0.5 in QIMP format */

evaluates to zero.  The following change corrects the problem:

    xin = SHL32(EXTEND32(1), (QIMP-1)); /* 0.5 in QIMP format */


Jim Crichton

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