[Speex-dev] problem with encoding and decoding splitting

Leonardi Andrea andrea.tn at quipo.it
Tue Jul 4 05:53:39 PDT 2006

 Hi Folks!
I'm using Speex in my program, to develope a program that makes use of a multiple descriptions concept to encode and decode a WAVE file.. and here I have the problems:
In my code I create two file splitting odd and even sample, and then I codify them as done in samplenc.c.
I don't have any problems until here, but when I start with the decode part, I have some problem. I have created two while, one to decode odd sample, the other for the even sample. I don't have to problem to decode odd sample, but it seems that after that the program can't decode anymore. It decodes also the even samples, but it inserts some errors in the decoded file. And the strange is that if a comment the first while, the second correctly works.
I've tried to create new Speex structure, and to destroy the one used in the first while, but nothing happens..
If someone could help me..
Thanks a lot! 

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