[Speex-dev] Using speex (newbie)

Anup KC anupkc at emuzed.com
Wed Jan 11 20:33:55 PST 2006

Hi Carlo

You are bound to hear ticks if you are calling reset function after encoding
each frame. If all the frames come continously from the same source you can
do without calling the reset function so frequently. Only when you have two
totally different source files to be encoded back to back, you need to call
the reset in between. As far as I know the tick appears in the first frame
encoded ( after calling reset function ) because, the speex ecnoder starts
off (after reset) with some pre-defined initial states. And in continous
encoding without calling reset function the encoder makes of the states of
the previous frame for encoding teh current frame, and it logically and
practically makes sense to do it this way.

Hope this helps
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