[Speex-dev] Using speex (newbie)

Duane Storey duane at counterpath.com
Tue Jan 10 08:48:38 PST 2006

How are you hearing "ticks"?  Are you saving to a .wav file, or are you
writing directly to the sound card?  If you're writing directly to the sound
card, you'll need to double or triple buffer to avoid ticking.



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Thank you for the answer but i've already read manual and examples and i'm
doing same thing

of your code, so, maybe you can give me a hint about the problem i have,
that it is for sure in my code. A

question: is it possible that i hear a "tick" because between two frame i
call speex_bits_reset? (for this reason if i encode

more than one frame together there is no "tick"). Maybe the solution is to
call not speex_bits_reset and using another way (but in

your examples it functions)?

Thank you




> Same answer as for everyone else: start from the sampleenc/sampledec
> programs in the manual and/or speexenc/speexdec. You're simply doing
> something wrong with the Speex API.
> Jean-Marc

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