[Speex-dev] searching for telemarketing compatible packages

Doug Klein daklein at tconl.com
Tue Feb 28 22:40:02 PST 2006

Hello, I am searching for a program set to monitor telemarketing 
telephone activities to satisfy the legal requirements of some 
contractual clients.  The environment is NetBSD running on a pair of 
servers with diskless (intel pc) workstations which have audio adapters 
similar to most PCs.  The hardware drivers exist for NetBSD to support  
most  brands of audio adapters.  The hard part of this concept is that 
there needs to be a way to catalog each call by client, operator, and 
date.  I assume this will be possible by including a link  to the 
database which will probably be necessarily done with customization.

I would welcome any suggestions for how this can be done using speex 
with either a commercial set of programs or if it is necessary to 
migrate the whole system to Linux then it will be a considered.

Thanks in advance  for any suggestions.  Please email replies to 
daklein at tconl.com as well s within this forum.

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