[Speex-dev] Re: speex optimisation for ARM 5TE architecture

Naveed Rehman nrehman79 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 23 05:42:37 PDT 2006

Jean-Marc Valin <jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca> wrote:  > Can any body please tell me the compiler options to optimise the
> speex code for ARM TE architecture. Fixed point is enabled. It
> currently takes about 700ms to encode 5 sec worth of voice. I need to
> get it down to under 10ms.

The ARM port has suffered a bit from the fact that I haven't been able
to keep the assembly up-to-date. Don't know what bit-rate/options you're
using so it's hard to say much about the absolute numbers. The only
thing I can say is that 10ms for 5 seconds of speech would mean using
only 0.2% of your 533 MHz chip, or about 1 MIPS. That's simply not
possible using any modern speech codec, so you'll have to either change
that requirement or deal with uncompressed (or very lightly compressed)

> Is the option --enable-arm5te-asm supported? I am using speex 1.1.12
> version. The configure.ac file does not seem to support
> --enable-arm5te-asm option. I tried --enable-arm5e-asm but the result
> is'nt much different. Real time is not possible at that rate.
> Processor is Xscale 533MHz.

--enable-arm5e-asm should be fine, but yes it needs improvements.
Basically, the only thing interesting (from the POV of Speex) in the
ARM5E arch is the DSP-like instructions that can do 16x16 multiplies in
a single cycle.

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