[Speex-dev] Speex on ARM in Real time

Ashhar Farhan farhan at phonestack.com
Sat Aug 5 21:54:11 PDT 2006

i have run speex succesfully on windows mobile platform. check out our
product on www.spokn.com and you can download the smartphone/pocketpc
version (yes, the same binary works for both) from
http://mobile.spokn.com. we have also made binaries for macintosh
(www.spokn.com/spoknmac.dmg) as well as the regular windows xp. the
linux client is being readied for fully open-source GPL-ed release. 
at complexity of 0, we are able to run the realtime coding as well as
decoding at 200Mhz processor (my development platform was qtek 8310). It
also enabled us to deliver the first-ever GPRS based _working_ voip
- farhan
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Is there some document somewhere that outlines the ability of Speex to
encode on ARM processors in real time, at the various bit rates and
complexity settings? If not, can you give me some anecdotal information
on the topic?  I am interested in a real-time encoder for Windows Mobile
5.0 with XScale 416 MHz platform.
As you may know,  X-Pro for Pocket PC is a VoIP softphone
(http://www.xten.com/docs/xpro_ppc.pdf) which supports Speex. However, I
found it could not run real time on a 416 MHz XScale device. It, of
course, was running the encoder and decoder at the same time. And
unfortunately, it does not allow settings like bit rate and complexity
to be altered.
Steve Aldous
SCA Investment Co. LTD
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