[Speex-dev] Unable to obtain a DLL.

Bogdan Mustiata bogdan.mustiata at gmail.com
Sat Apr 8 11:42:39 PDT 2006

Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
>> Jean-Marc, to generate a DLL using MinGW, you need to add -no-undefined
>> to the link line. For libsndfile, I do this using the following in
>> the Makefile.am file:
>>     libsndfile_la_LDFLAGS = -no-undefined -version-info @SHARED_VERSION_INFO@ @SHLIB_VERSION_ARG@
> Could you tell me more about what that flag does? Any side effects? Is
> it gcc-specific?
> 	Jean-Marc
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I think it means not to search for a .def file and export all the 
functions that have the __declspec( dllexport ) .

To me the 1.0.5 version failed to compile (and 1.1.2 too) with error 
"lib command not found, exit code 127 ignored" (I don't got now the 
logs, and I can not obtain them, probably on Monday I will get them). 
The solution of Erik didn't worked to me :-(

Here you have some good explanations about how to build a DLL under MinGW


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