[Speex-dev] about SPEEX API

CLX clx at rambler.ru
Thu Sep 22 05:54:56 PDT 2005

Hello speex-dev!
First at all I want to tnak you for this great software codec. It
makes many things possible.
I am a software developer. One of my projects is NetSpeakerphone - network communication programm
(text messaging, voice communication, voice conferencing) for win32 platform.
This project's age is about 2 years and many things works just great.
Very small voice latency and time shift correction system.
And recently I was decide to use your codec (before I just used fast IMA ADPCM compression).
I've download speex_1_1_6_win32 version.
And here have I found few problems.
First. I prefere work with Delphi. It means that I was need to
translate C++ headers to pascal code. It's done and I want to ask you
to include this headers to standart distribution packet (I'll send
this to you if you wish). It will help for many developers.
But... there was another problem. I think many pepople was ask you
about that problem. Yes. It's DLL static variables named
"speex_nb_mode", "speex_wb_mode", "speex_uwb_mode". There is no
declaration of it in DLL file.
Somebody give a solution: instead of this data use
"speex_lib_get_mode". But there is NO declaration of this function in
DLL file (I tryed to find it in latest available version for Win32 too).
I was need to modificate speex source and rebuild it. Just add declaration of
Now it's all works good for me. Thank you again.
So, maybe you include this solution in win32 distribution package?
Not all people can recompile source codes.

P.S. alpha version of my NetSpeakerphone 4  with your SPEEX
codec support you can get here:
But it's interface is Russian. if you wish, I can translate in to
English too.

Best regards,
 Aleksey (CLX)                          mailto:clx at rambler.ru

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