[Speex-dev] Samples per frame.. fixed or variable with configuration?

Anthony Lovell tone at mailblocks.com
Mon Sep 19 13:35:34 PDT 2005

I'm having trouble with a Speex VOIP effort ... my first use of Speex.
My development platform is Windows XP, but I intend to bring this up on 
OS X as well.

At the moment, I send across speex frames (say 4 per packet... a 
configurable setting), and the settings of both encoder and decoder are 
simply fixed in code at the moment (wideband, short format input).

I am fairly confident that I am roughly using it as intended, but I get 
nothing but noise out.
I have verified that the input audio is righteous, as I save it to a 
file for diagnostic purposes.

I have some questions:

1.  Is it sufficient to obtain the frame size (in samples per frame) 
after setting the mode of encoder and decoder?  Or might this figure 
change if (for intance), one set the quality of the encoder or enabled 
perceptual enhancement on the decoder?

2.  Is there any external requirement to cater to endian-ness of the 
data passed to speex_encode() or speex_encode_int(), or does speex just 
like the native representation?  How about for the float data output 
from speex_decode()?  I have not run any configuration script.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Tony Lovell
tone at dreadnoughtproject.org
AIM: StupidLagger

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