[Speex-dev] Multi-Channel/Stream support?

Chris Serio cjserio at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 11:41:44 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I'd like to know how well Speex handles multiple input streams. More 
specifically, if i have 4 streams that are playing at "the same time", how 
well does the CODEC handle switching from one stream to the next to process 
the audio.

The reason i ask is this....My project up until now uses the MELP CODEC 
which didn't specifically have the ability to handle multiple streams. I'd 
give the CODEC a packet to process from Stream #1, then i'd give it a packet 
from Stream #2 and just keep cycling through my different input streams. The 
problem was that MELP used a lot of global variables for state information 
(basically to bookmark the audio information of that packet) and the end 
result was a lot of clicking since it's saved bookmarks were not correct 
since i changed streams on it. I had to remove every single global and move 
them to a class that i wrote so that each stream would have it's own set of 
globals to bookmark audio in.

If speex is not subject to this type of problem that would make me very 
happy. If it works similar to MELP and i have to remove all of the globals 
myself again, i'd like to know in advance.

Thanks in advance,
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