[Speex-dev] small patch for preprocess

Tom Harper tharper at sightspeed.com
Mon Oct 31 08:07:01 PST 2005

At 12:38 AM 10/31/2005, Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
> > Add the ability to set adaptation time and min noise duration,
>What do you use that for in practice?

I have found that in some cases a smaller/larger adaptation time works
better- it is nice to be able to set it at run time.  Min noise duration
affects vad accuracy.  Steve said it a bit more eloquently.

> > and also provides ability to reset the state of the pre-
> > processor via reset function.
>that's a good idea.


> > Moves initialization of old_ps
> > into < 10 block so it doesn't get called as much.

Doesn't need to get checked every iteration- no other reason.
Easy to remove.

> > The rest
> > are just my annoying reformats that happened when I
> > was trying to synch my version of preprocess with the
> > latest from subversion.

I can clean this up-i.e. resubmit it without that-

>That would actually make it a pain to merge.
> > In my version I also added a finite check for the echo
> > buffer, but probably it should go in the mdf.c (echo canceller).
> > So that isn't in there.
>What do you mean?

I do an isfinite check on the input samples- typically this never happens,
but i have gotten NaN data from the AEC.  Not sure what caused it though.
Is this fixed already?

>         Jean-Marc


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