[Speex-dev] At last : Speex without floating point

Nic Roets speex at rational.co.za
Tue Oct 18 22:48:42 PDT 2005

I've implemented my RECOPLAY idea and also changed a few small things that used floating point in the current version (1.1.10). In the process I discovered a few bugs (see the diff).

Then I #ifdef'ed out everything that is still requires floating point including : 
Echo cancellation,
vocoder modes, 
wideband and ultrawideband modes that do not use Innovation Quantitization.

Approximately a quarter of the modes remain. See www.rational.co.za/speexNoFloat.csv 

The patch and the precomputed files are at www.rational.co.za/speex-1.1.10-NoFloat.tar.gz 

How do I know it does not use floating point ? I add -msoft-float to the LTCOMPILE variable. This will result in link errors whenever floating point operations are performed during runtime. (The remaining floating point numbers are converted to integers at compile time.) There seems to be a bug in GCC, so this trick only works when no optimization is used.

I'm not on the mailling list right now, so please CC me your responses.
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