[Speex-dev] Static linking without C runtime dependence?

Thorvald Natvig speex at natvig.com
Sun Oct 16 18:59:51 PDT 2005

>> What you want is simply to override some of the functions in misc.c. I made 
>> it easy to do by wrapping malloc() a speex_alloc() call. Aside from what's 
>> in misc.c, the only other thing I use are some of the math functions like 
>> cos().
> That makes sense.  But how does the DLL version, which is not linked to the C 
> runtime, get access to C's transcendental like cos() ??

Depending on what compiler and settings you use, the C runtime will be 
included either dynamically or statically in the dll file. My libspeex.dll 
is linked to MSVCRT.DLL (MS Visual C RunTime) when built with MinGW.

Your statically compiled libspeex can be set to depend 
on a dll-loaded runtime (in msvcrt.dll), and as your process will 
indirectly link to msvcrt if you use directsound or any other modern 
library, that's probably the easiest solution.

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