R: [Speex-dev] echo cancellation

Roberto Della Pasqua roberto at dellapasqua.com
Tue Oct 11 01:37:43 PDT 2005


Indeed I too have troubles implementing echo removal, 
I like ask kindly to Jean-Marc (or any other) if him can put a source code
demo to show us how to use effectively echo removal API and parameters in
real case scenario.

A big thank you!



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> echo cancellation:
> speex_echo_cancel (st, ptr, echo1[0], e_buf, noise); speex_preprocess 
> (den, e_buf, noise);
> where ptr is a buffer that was recorded from microphone, echo1[0] is a 
> buffer that was played on loudspeakers. the delay between ptr and 
> echo1 is 2 buffers (512 samples).
> with this configuration I can still hear the echo signal (althought 
> the signal is a little more silent. when using the delay 3 buffers the 
> echo is still not cancelled and after few seconds I don't hear anything.
when using about 10 buffers for delay between these signals the echo signal
is heared as it was reverbed, everything else is ok and the noise is
how to completely remove the echo signal?

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