[speex-dev] Introduction...

Jim Crichton jim.crichton at comcast.net
Tue May 24 03:20:06 PDT 2005

Carlo Polisini wrote:
> Hi Andrew!I have read your mail about speex porting on DSP, I'm student
> and I 'm trying to port speex 1.1.7 on DSK6711 floating point with Code
> composer studio but I have a lot of errors....Can you give me help?

Once again, no one can help you if you do not describe the problem.  I 
suggest that you post your Code Composer .pjt file, and describe the errors 
or include a log.  Are you having problems building Speex, or just running 

I am now working with Speex on the 64x, 54x and 55x simulators (I will have 
a post about this shortly, there is some problem with Speex 1.1.8 and the 
54x/55x).  The build was straightforward on the 64x, and I would expect the 
6711 would not give much trouble.  Of course, all of my tests have been with 
the fixed point build, and the 6711 is a floating point part, I believe. 
You can try building with and without the FIXED_POINT option.  The DSP has 
plenty of power to run Speex either way.

- Jim Crichton 

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