[Speex-dev] Line-In Encoding

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Mon May 2 10:43:24 PDT 2005


Regarding strange timings, all I can say is that it's likely an error
with either the way you use Speex or the way to compute time. As for the
noise at the output, you're probably using Speex incorrectly. See the
manual as well as sampleenc/sampledec (in the appendix). For an example
of encoding to Ogg (and decoding), see src/speexenc.c and src/speexdec.c


Le lundi 02 mai 2005 à 17:39 +0530, santosh hegde a écrit :
> Hello,
>         I am working on Cirrus ARM-EDB 9302 and using speex-1.1.7. I have 
> tried encoding a wav file of 7sec long and it took 6 sec to encode it for 
> default settings of encoder with both files on the RAM.Next I tried 
> encodeing for 1 minute wav file and it took 2.2min for default settings. Why 
> is it that as size of input file increases,encoding time also increases 
> drastically?( I decoded the speex file so obtained and it sounded alright.)
>   Also I changed the settings to Quality 2 and complexity 2 in wideband mode 
> and it took 58 sec to encode for the same 1 min file.With these settings I 
> tried to encode the analog input coming thro' line-in of the 
> EDB9302(sampling and quantising done within the board after the line in).But 
> now ,on decoding the speex file (I also tried force decoding nb) i got noise 
> output. What is the solution to this, as i plan to do line-in encoding(as a 
> person speaks encode it on the EDB) ?
>   Can anybody tell me what actually happens when we change the quality and 
> complexity settings? (how do the parameters affect the code -i tried to find 
> where ENC_CTL is defined but couldn't find it, please tell me where it is ?)
> Thank you in advance. Santosh
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