[Speex-dev] Line-In Encoding

santosh hegde santrokh at hotmail.com
Mon May 2 05:09:11 PDT 2005

        I am working on Cirrus ARM-EDB 9302 and using speex-1.1.7. I have 
tried encoding a wav file of 7sec long and it took 6 sec to encode it for 
default settings of encoder with both files on the RAM.Next I tried 
encodeing for 1 minute wav file and it took 2.2min for default settings. Why 
is it that as size of input file increases,encoding time also increases 
drastically?( I decoded the speex file so obtained and it sounded alright.)

  Also I changed the settings to Quality 2 and complexity 2 in wideband mode 
and it took 58 sec to encode for the same 1 min file.With these settings I 
tried to encode the analog input coming thro' line-in of the 
EDB9302(sampling and quantising done within the board after the line in).But 
now ,on decoding the speex file (I also tried force decoding nb) i got noise 
output. What is the solution to this, as i plan to do line-in encoding(as a 
person speaks encode it on the EDB) ?

  Can anybody tell me what actually happens when we change the quality and 
complexity settings? (how do the parameters affect the code -i tried to find 
where ENC_CTL is defined but couldn't find it, please tell me where it is ?)

Thank you in advance. Santosh

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