[Speex-dev] Optimized Codecs for Blackfin DSP

Miroslav Nachev miro at space-comm.com
Wed Mar 23 23:30:30 PST 2005


JMV> ... none of these codecs can ever have open-source
JMV> implementations due to patent issues.

   We use now these codecs for x86 in "C" source code running under
Linux. They works very well. My problem is that we are not so familiar
with Blackfin DSP.
   Concerning of patent issues, you are not right. The patent is for
their using, not for the source code. Every one which use G.729, G.723
must pay taxes for each simultaneous channel and this tax is not
depend which source code you use - your own or open source or another.

   Best Regards,
   Miroslav Nachev

JMV> Hi,

>> Thank you. I will try it. Do you know some G.72x, GSM, and iLBC
>> optimized for Blackfin ? I mean open source.

JMV> Outside of GSM full-rate (13 kbps, poor quality), none of these codecs
JMV> can ever have open-source implementations due to patent issues. In the
JMV> case of iLBC, you can have a free (not open-source) license if you
JMV> register, but it's only for the floating-point version AFAIK.

JMV> 	Jean-Marc

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