[Speex-dev] Speex for TI 5509 DSP

Martinez, Frank (CONTR) frank.martinez at ngc.com
Wed Mar 23 06:37:20 PST 2005

Hello Gerv,

Do you have a 'speex' Code Composer v2 project folder for the 5510 dsk?

If i can get my environment configured correctly, I think I can get a completer build.
I've taken the su-folders out of the speex-1-1-7 folder and placed them within a CCSv 2.0 project. I have added 'include' paths and 'Define Symbols' under the Project->Build-Options->Compiler->Preprocessor. I am using the testenc.c as my 'main' for now.

I want to encode voice data and then use the 'foobar200' to decode it. 

Any help would be appreciated.


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