[Speex-dev] c55x dsp

tunkeat tunkeat at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 19:29:16 PST 2005


am trying speex on TI c54x dsp.  does anyone has any idea whether
we can make both the coder AND decoder run in about 10ms for a 20ms
frame for this dsp, looking at narrowband, no VAD/CNG/VBR, using 
a low complexity, say 1, for a midrange bitrate, say 15kbps?

was the c55 dsp able to run real-time on speex for the above configuration?
can someone share their timings? 


oh yes, just downloaded the latest revision, rev 9080

i think  line 472 lsp.c
        else if (xout1 + xout2 < -SHL(32766,8))

should read
        else if (xout1 + xout2 < -SHL(32768,8))


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