[Speex-dev] Speex for TI 5509 DSP

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Sat Mar 12 15:24:07 PST 2005

Hi Jamey, others,

Here's an updated patch for C55 that should behave better for the
general case. I changed the way the option works to disable wideband so
that a wideband stream could still be decoded in narrowband even with
--disable-wideband. Also, I noticed you broke MAC16_16 by changing the
parameter order (I don't see how you could get it to work that way), so
I reverted that change.

Could everyone test that patch a little bit before I check it in?


Le lundi 07 mars 2005 à 14:28 -0500, Jamey Hicks a écrit :
> Paul Gryting wrote:
> >I saw a thread in the list archives about a speex port to  TI 55x DSP.
> >Wondering how that worked out (is working out)?
> >
> >Also wondering if there is a source archive for it,
> >  or if the patch in the email archives is still current, or if there's been
> >updates.
> >
> >  
> >
> I have an initial update of my patch for Speex for TI C55xx and Analog 
> Devices Blackfin for Speex 1.1.7:
>   http://handhelds.org/~jamey/speex/speex-1.1.7-jeh1.patch
> Other than verifying that it builds under x86 with various configuration 
> options, I have not had a chance to test this, but wanted to let others 
> have a look at it.
> Jamey
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