[Speex-dev] Openphone implementation of Speex Codec's descriptions help

REN-VoIP VoIPCO at comcast.net
Fri Mar 4 09:13:15 PST 2005

Would someone kindly share some definition into the following?

Openphone version 1.91 includes dual sets of Speex codec's starting with:



I do not understand what the differences are between {sw} & {Xiph} given the
same bit rate for both?

Are all of these Narrow or Wide or Ultrawide sampling rates? My guess is
Narrow since that is what the tag suggests in openphone's gui application,
but still uncertain since the codec's are presented in pairs.

In the design and implementation of Speex Codec's does the code contain any
form of Pre and Post processing that may handle / curtail the loss of voice
packets on the start of audio stream (turn-up) and the end of audio stream
(tear-down) - our application may require constant stream interruption in
each direction. I presume this type of processing may possible and or
typically be accomplished outside of the Codec - appreciate your inputs.

:-[PdV]-: REN
Peter D. Vouvounas
Vice President & GM
peterv at voipco.com

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